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“I was in a sacred waterhole in North East Arnhem Land with a bunch of friends at the top end of remote Australia earlier this year. We were all getting ready to leave, which involved a hectic climb up a cliff face. When it was my turn to scale up, somehow I lost my grip at the top and fell 2 metres backwards directly onto rocks. A first I thought I had broken my back as the pain that struck my body was beyond anything I’ve experienced before. I could not travel and as a couple of weeks had passed not being able to walk properly or even making much of a recovery, I decided to try a spiritual healing session from a shaman. The shaman awakened me and made me understand the whole experience was a message to me from the ancestors of that land and a message from the universe that I’d been avoiding for a long time. From that point the beginnings of a huge change occurred in me and the song-writing material was inspired. ‘Check Bang’ is about a self-discovery and what Arnhem Land taught me that day…”

Dallas explodes with energy as she discusses the title track from the Melbourne based three-piece riff-rockers new EP, Dirt Buzz and you begin to understand why their music is so enchanting, it’s their way of life.

— Their intensity transforming each fleeting moments into a resonant memory that buzzes with electricity. – ROLLING STONE

They fit somewhere in between blues riffed The Black Keys, and the incredible full-throated wail of Janis Joplin. The band are showing no signs of stopping having just celebrated their 12th year together and have clocked over 900 shows and 9 international tours.




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